"Trolling is a art" is perhaps the definitive statement regarding trolling. If we define trolling as the intentional disruption of another's emotional well being, often through a feigned promotion of an unpopular belief, or political position, the statement is in itself a troll. The deliberate use of "a" where "an" should be is likely to arouse a negative reaction among those concerned with correct english usage. The fact that the statement is itself directly referring to trolling and the art thereof gives further power to its effect; if you're jimmies are rustled by this statement, its author has succeeded, and its veracity has been confirmed.
jimbob: you're balls are lo thus as a small mammal.
fred:You fucking faggot, you meant "your."
jimbob: Trolling is a art.
fred: I think you meant "an." Jesus. English motherfucker, do you speak it?
by caucasian absconded with my bi November 21, 2013
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A type of art thats deliberately makes you cringe or it's made to be bad on purpose
Ech0Chamber is a troll artist as she admits that the art she made is to made CountryHumans fandom wikia go ballistic
by ToonamiUK November 13, 2020
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Welp, trolling is an Art distustive criticism sparking a reaction igniting of another's ego halting beliefs, ones overly protective environmental diaper. Feeding the trolls is as egotistical as feeling you have must lash out to protect your fragile emotional downfall! Also dont feed the trolls or life force vampires feeding is inherent to self-esteem, beliefs are stereotypical downfalls of someone that clings to safety like boarding a air craft with out a parachute but clinging to a bible to keep you safe.
Trolling is an Art form like being bent over is cute but being bent over backwards! Tops the cake.
by Cantfindmyass December 20, 2017
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