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Not usually deemed to be one until after the fiasco of a wedding, the Troll Bride makes a series of mistakes & poor decisions out of pure stubbornness, uneducated guesses, & deceit that antagonize the groom & everyone else involved.

Troll brides are guilty of some if not all of the following:

*Got the groom to propose after falsely claiming to be pregnant.
*Rejected initial engagement ring & demanded a prettier, more expensive one.
*Canceling arrangements at the last moment, after whatever was ordered has already been paid for.
*Making sure the bridesmaids are dressed as frumpy as possible so no one will pay attention to them.
*Postponing the wedding because the groom broke tradition by seeing her before the ceremony.
*Making the groom or his parents pay for everything.
*Interfering with the caterers & decorators by lording over every thing they do, like she knew their job better than they did.
*Saying "I do not" after begin asked "do you take this man."
*Postponing the wedding several times, especially for petty reasons.
*Telling the groom his best friend can't be his best man because she hates him.
*Complaining about the wedding gifts while the givers are withing earshot.
*Making the baker redo the cake.
*Acting like a spoiled diva drama queen.
Are you really going to marry your troll bride of a girlfriend after she ran out on the last guy she was engaged to?

She ended up being a troll bride; she lied about being pregnant & he's stuck with her because divorce is expensive.

What a troll bride; there's no part of the ceremony or after party where she didn't make an embarrassing ass out of herself.
by ThatEvilRedhead October 03, 2011
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A fat women who is geting married, a fat ungly woman with an attitude, smelly fat women who trap you into marring them because there pregnant, a mans wife who lets herself go a turns into a fat fucking pig
A troll bride is that stupid, annoying, loud mouthed, fat, smelly, high foreheaded, ugly bitch, who your best bud is getting married too, because he put his dick in the ugly whore and managed to impregnate her, and whom is now being traped by the ungly lump of pig shit into getting married.

by Pissed off Guy living in Jersey December 03, 2007
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