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Contrary to popular belief, a trolio is an exceptionally good tennis player (usually a youth ages 7-23) who has more potential than average tennis players. Trolio's were first recognized in Scandinavia where a sudden surge of the populations youth dominated tennis from about 1888-1923. Common physical traits of trolio's include being six foot or taller, small bladders, square teeth, and soft hair. Trolio's were known to be smart, fast, kind, and funny which ended up making their female counterparts very impressed. This led to jealousy among non-trolio's so when the phenomenon of perfect boys died out the mass of non-trolio's spent the next 50 years trying to change the definition of a trolio to anything negative. Charles XIII of Sweden had three sons one of whom was a trolio but was murdered by his brothers Sales and Ianum. Charles was enraged as his trolio son Bjorke was daddy's favorite boy so he got his sons back by murdering them. The trolio boys will forever be the standard for perfect tennis players.
Conversing with a trolio made me realize how unfunny, dumb, short, and bad at tennis I am.
by helen Funk May 24, 2018
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Person who thinks they're good at tennis, but actually suck balls. Trolio's are recognised as people who attend ITF tennis tournaments and lose all their matches to love. Other redeeming features include; Gay, greasy hair, shaved legs, and a huge pointy nose.
Lleyton: Hey who's that dude who thinks hes good but sucks balls?

Federer: Man he's just a TROLIO
by mr. durp January 07, 2005
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