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A giant wooden rabbit featured in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. After the scene in which the French soldier taunts King Arthur and his knights at the French castle, Arthur has his men, on the advice of Sir Bedevere, build the Trojan Rabbit in order to storm the castle in the manner that the Greeks did during the Trojan War. However, the knights mess up the plan by not having anyone hide inside the rabbit. After the French soldiers take the rabbit into their castle, Sir Bedevere reveals the plan to King Arthur and everyone else and they realize that they messed it up. The French soldiers then catapult the wooden rabbit out of the fortress and it lands one of the pages.
-King Arthur: What happens now?
-Sir Bedevere: Well, now, uh, Launcelot, Galahad, and I, uh, wait until nightfall, and then leap out of the rabbit, taking the French, uh, by surprise. Not only by surprise, but totally unarmed!
-Arthur: Who leaps out?
-Bedevere: U-- u-- uh, Launcelot, Galahad, and I. Uh, leap out of the rabbit, uh, and uh...
-Arthur: Ohh... (he and Lancelot slowly put their hands to their heads at the realization that they messed up)
-Bedevere: Oh. Um, l-- look, i-- i-- if we built this large wooden badger--
(twang of a catapult is heard from the French castle and the Trojan Rabbit comes flying towards where the knights are hiding)
-Arthur: Run away!
-Other knights: Run away! Run away! Run away! Run away! Run away! Run away! Run away!
(Trojan Rabbit lands on one of the pages)
by Bob Smith, Etc. June 15, 2009
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Like a trojan horse, except a rabbit.
Not everybody was in town when a few of the Greeks came bearing the Trojan rabbit, since at least a few of the people that weren't there wouldn't accept a Trojan rabbit if they had been there.
by Marv E. Lousy January 25, 2021
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