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A racist white; a white person, usually with abysmal educational background and judgemental skills, who persists in dwelling abnormally on another person's racial or ethnic background; a Caucasian who will marginalize another person for having even the slightest drop of non-European blood in them.
Carlos; " Hey Becky, who's this guy in your family picture from five years ago ?"
Becky ; " Oh, that's my Uncle George "
Carlos; " How come I never see him at your family get-togethers ?"
Becky ; " We don't like having him around. He's a real Troglowhite, especially after he gets a few drinks in him. You can't get him to shut up about Blacks and Mexicans, and he embarasses us"
Carlos; " It looks like that twelve year old girl sitting on his lap isn't too happy to be sitting there, but he looks like he's really enjoying it"
by Miguel the Difficult January 20, 2014
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