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A trobot is an internet troll that is generated by computerized "chat bots". Its main purpose is to disrupt a functional website or blog of which the parties funding the trobot have an opposing view. The trobot may also be used as a direct propaganda dissemination tool.
Hey 'stock', did you notice that new trobot at ENENEWS trying to state how radiation is actually good for you?
Ya, sure did, those bots are getting more sophisticated but they are still easy to peg. They have very limited ability to recognize humor or innuendo, and they are not built with empathy. And they NEVER have a hyperlink to supporting data, far too risky for their programs.

You nailed it. You know ENE is striking close to the heart of the nuke cartel when they send these trobots after us, they are like decrepit Terminators. Keep up the troll jousting though. Fuck these bots.
by FreshEnergy November 08, 2014
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