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A music genre starting in the 2010s and then throughout the 20s and 30s, increasingly influenced by 60s folk music, 80s hiphop and quick tempo acid electronica (often with Spanish and Arab slang), spread mostly through the alternet. The music became a vehicle to distribute a positivist message of social change as a stance against tyrannical theocratic oppression of the traditional unimetric politico-economies of the northern hemisphere.

Topics often included the illegitimacy of forced military draft in Canada, US and Eurozone; mass emigrations into Latin America; the implosion of the IMF; corporate WW3 profiteering; maoist revivals in China; anti-spirituality; egalitarian netocracy; and the virtues of atheist asceticism as a personal strategy to weather societal collapse.
Dack first heard it in the US Army fighting the democrat resistance in Houston. The city had completely collapsed and they were sent in as peacekeepers to enforce curfew. The music was contraband but he didn't know why. If he was caught, he'd be executed. So why did he wanna listen so bad? He snuck away carefully to a good hiding place to play it on his rusty iphone that he traded some car batteries for to a poor family in the Toronto shanties. As it played through his dusty earphones his mind blew open, his eyes swelled up with tears of conscience. What war was he fighting anymore? They called it triptronica.
by gregjockca November 16, 2011
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