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When you listen to a person, or group, and hear a double meaning in their speech, yet it seems to defy clear definition, that is double listening. If the person speaking knows they are causing this appearance of double meaning, they are triple speaking. This in not the same as a double entendre or double speaking. Often, those speaking don't realize they are revealing something about themselves (not triple speak but "show speak"), but someone speaking may consciously use "triplespeak" which is like double listening in reverse. A triplespeaker may control many, most, or almost all of the assets of the secondary speech such as to convey a meaning to other double listeners (50%) or to persuade those who lack the gift of double listening, subconsciously (50%).
Triplespeaker: "There are like only 20 bitches in this club"(talking to 4 men). 1 of the other people understands triple speak and is double listening, and laughs.
by TonySparkles September 12, 2015
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