like robo which ive messed around with and isnt that cool, fucks you up but makes u bleed out of your brain. last nigh me and my friend took 8 each and after like an hour or so were tripping balls. later that night after trying to piss for prolly like 15 mins i sat on the toilet with the door locked and thought to myself how shitty of a way would this be to die and i unlocked the door pulled my pants up and saw my friend leaning up on the door and he said he was contemplating it too. but it was fun as shit and makes u mad fucked up.
do it a couple of times but thats it unless u wanna turn tard.
man i was madd fucked up off that ganj and those "triple c s last night i near shit myself
by pseudonymsmeller April 12, 2009
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coriciden cold and cough, a drug no one should start using, extremely dangerouse, and i am a testiment. i should be mentally retarded, but made a loooong recovery. stick to weed, even though its more expensive.

i started taking the drug when i found out that it wont show up on drug tests. i took eight the first time, and continued to use them more than three hundred different times, my immunity built up, and at the end, i was taking 24 at once. and one day i overdid it. i took 48 over the period of 12 hours..... bad decision! i ended up legally psychoatic in the hospital, and for 14 days straight, i couldnt think straight, it wasnt a prolonged high, i actually got aquainted with how it feels to be retarded. and somehow i pulled out of it. my stomach wasnt pumped, so its a wonder that i even lived. my iq score went down from 142 To 130 after all this....

so just smoke some weed, ccc is terribly addictive.

take my word litterally, this story is all true, this drug can be more dangerouse than crack.- i didnt even know my name.
that kid is tripping on triple c! too bad he doesnt know what can happen.
by spencer arden hunt December 11, 2008
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coricidin hbp high blood pressure
sold in walgreens,cvs,and other pharamcys.
i took 6 the first time it was ok.
second time 10 it was crazy i was tripping hard and the third time i took 14 and ended up in the hospitial xD
its an amazing high;

dont take more than 16 on your first try.
can cause brain damage and liver damage.
*whatt? huh. holy shit look at the rainbow.

*wtf? there is not rainbow shit shes trippin balls on triple c.
by Katie; July 16, 2008
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Can you believe the nerve of that man? He is such a Triple C, Confident Cocky Cunt.
by cvigvigs November 10, 2020
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Stands for Coricidin Cough & Cold. Coricidin. Over the counter cough pills. Extremely fun drug and it feels AMAZING.

They're little red pills used for people who have high blood pressure. Dextromorphan (DMX) is the chemical inside them used to get you high. Take about an hour to set in. Only take about 8 your first time.

Don't do Triple cs too much. They ARE highly addictive over time and will eat away your stomach lining. They fuck with your head. Be careful with them.

You see trippy shit when you close your eyes on them. The trip is about 7-8 hours long. It's easy to act straight around the parents.

get a floating/flying feeling when tripping. numb and your teeth chatter a little sometimes. You are EXTREMELY sedated on this drug.
HOLY SHIT you guys! I just saw a hot dog sliding down a fire pole!

"shit dude she's on triple cs"
by saaaaaam! December 04, 2006
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Coricidin cough and cold- sold over the counter at any drug store. if u take 6 makes u trippy, you can still function normally if u think about it to avoid getting in trouble by the parents. 4 gives you an okay buz, I wouldn't recomend more then 12! You may hear the term "I got seeded" takes atleast 45 minutes to work.
I just got some triple c and man im feelin good!
by Tuck January 28, 2004
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A girl that makes you cum, cleans your house, and cooks a damn good meal
"How's your girlfriend?"
"Aw man, she's great! And she's a triple C! She helps me clean, cooks me meals, and makes me cum!"
via giphy
by Mathazar24 May 28, 2017
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