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Your modern Counter-strike player. They most typically say "ur bad", "n00b" (the cool, hip new thing to say among cs nerds), "roflcopter" and many more things that reflect how sad their own lives are.

Cs nerds are the same people you see talking shit in a game then the same nerd is at your local grocery store the next day packing bags and being shit on by upper management.

The most popular fad among CS nerds these days is to agree to a knife fight, then pull back and start shooting the other player. Cs nerds are very common nowadays and are never honest. They compose 99 percent of the Counter-Strike community (surprise?) today.
"92X" is an example of one of your very common CS nerds and he got owned by "killer". 92X can't back up what he says, which is common among CS nerds.
by Nerdcrusher674 September 30, 2009
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Someone who is a complete nerd/geek, who plays Counter-Strike (CS) therefore this makes them feel they know everything about the military, when in reality they actually know very little as far as tactics and discipline. And they will never be able to join because they lack the physical prowess and emotiontional/mental hardness.
Come on man, let's go this place is full of CS nerds.
by Rob Fox April 23, 2006
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