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1. A term used to describe a reaction of unbelief; used to express one's confuzzled curiosity over the motivation of something that has been said to him or her.

2. When other phrases or words are inappropriate or lacking, these words can be used to show that one is void of ideal words or outwardly reactions to a given situation or event.

3. An online onomatopoeia for when one shakes his or her head. Yes, there is quite a bit of sound involved when shaking one's head.
Married man: Hey John, how's your wife and kids doing?
Single man (John): I don't have any wife and kids. I'm not married yet, remember?
Married man: Haha, I just wanted to see how you'd react to that.
Single man: You trink my face.

Amy: Hey, I have something to tell you.
John: What is it?
Amy: I think I have found the right simile to describe our relationship...
John: What is that?
Amy: You're like the soymilk I have to put into my cereal when my regular milk goes bad.
John: Ok, you trink my face. (Shakes head).
by Miami Denizzen January 04, 2010
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When something annoys you a lot and/or when you have nothing to say to something that is bothering you.
Example one: "Hey I bought Sally a skirt for her birthday!"
"I bought a more expensive one for her!"
"You trink my face."

Example two: "All the girls always go to the bathroom in a huge group... ugh that trinks my face."
by Miami Denizen January 03, 2010
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