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A trifemuffin is a muffin that is trife (the shortened form of triflin', which derives from "trifle" or "trifling," meaning unimportant). It is most commonly used as a phrase, meaning disappointment or a disgust at something. It can also be used as a noun, describing a person who is acting very jank and/or questionable. Finally, it can be used as an adjective ("trifemuffiny"). It can also be adapted to many other parts of speech. The original form of the word refers to an actual muffin that is trife - this is known to exist, but is yet to be found in physical form.
Teacher: "You have a test tomorrow and you cannot use your calculator or any notes."
Student: (underbreath) "Trifemuffin."

Mitchell: "That craycray chick just punched someone in the face."
Anna: "What a trifemuffin."

Maria: "My day has been so trifemuffiny."
by DaTroofIsAwesomesauce December 03, 2011
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