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n. pronounced:\'trik-a- nō-səs\ A disease caused by having a trick(s) on the penis.

Sign and Symptoms:

Tricks may be hard to cure because they keep resurfacing on the penis.

You may not notice the tricks at first, symptoms could take days to manifest.

Clouded judgement.

Empty Wallet.


Gradual but steady avoidance of sexual activity with women of the trick / hood booger variety.

Cold turkey abstinence (With this method may come other trickanosis consequences, such as stalking, car keying, false police reports, fake pregnancies etc.)

Visiting or talking with level headed friends and family can help ease the clouded judgement symptom.

Loss of job or income could help alleviate the empty wallet symptom.
His boy informed him that his love of trick booty resulted in a severe case of trickanosis.
by voeuetoile November 25, 2011
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