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The Tri-States include Connecticut, New York, and everybody's favorite New Jersey. Relating the above states to the female anatomy: Connecticut being the mouth, New York the vagina, and the swampland(s) of New Jersey of course referring to the Anus.

You have converted the tri-state lottery when you receive a blow job, fuck the vagina and ass all in one session of "love making".

Also very useful when chatting over work email, as you do not have to reveal your nightly endeavors to that bastard monitoring your daily emails. That little fuck deserves a trip to Connecticut, I hear it's lovely this time of year!
Our friend's roommate (affectionally nicknamed "The human cum bucket") must be one lucky bitch, she's always winning the tri-state lottery! She must be rich! With STD's!!!!!

Damn. I missed the tri-state lottery again! That hoe wouldn't blow me after I stuck it in her ass!
by Bo Kimy. February 21, 2006
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