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A style of music that emphasizes fashion and fitting in with the hardcore music scene. Critics claim that when people start listing different styles like metalcore, grindcore, etc., you know they are trendcore people. Trendcore bands play the same guitar riffs usually droning the lowest string, adding tapping and other similar techniques that focus on physicality rather than originality. Trendcore disregards creativity and this is evident with all of the instruments in a trendcore band. The drummers focus on playing the double bass rather than creating original drum beats. The vocalists in trendcore bands need not to be very skilled because they usually scream and when they do sing they emulate the so called "Saosin" vocal sound. Trendcore bands have no issue with being unoriginal and this is evident through the repeated use of "breakdowns" in their music. Christian based trendcore music is considered the trendiest of all and these bands view music solely as a way to get their message to people and disregard the art of creating original music. Trendore music is viewed by many critics as comparable to the 80's "hair-bands". Many people have stated that trendcore kids look as though they wear uniforms with their skinny jeans, v-neck shirts, and "hair-band" haircuts.
Examples of trendcore: bands on Rise Records. Dance Gavin Dance, Underoath, Asking Alexandria, Attack Attack, In Fear and Faith, Emarosa, He is Legend, Miss May I, The Devil Wears Prada, Bring Me the Horizon, August Burns Red, The Chariot, Oceana, etc.
by Kevin Sankins May 27, 2010
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The act of posing as "goth", "punk", "metal", "hardcore", etc... in order to obtain "street cred" at your school and tarnish the spirit of being an outsider for geeks who orginally listened to good music before everyone blew it up into the ultimate trend everywhere.
Gloria: "Like oh my gawd, Stacey, I can't wait for the cheerleading meet tonight!"
Stacey: "Like yeah! Make sure you bring your My Chemical Romance CD! I can't wait to act like I know what the songs are about and sport my annoying studded belt there!"
Me thinking to myself: "You people are trendcore"
by Dahnul February 25, 2006
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1. a brand of music that takes hardcore punk and waters it down into an annoying, trendy, plastic, manufactured piece of bubblegum pop. Trendcore often mixes in its mindless brand of punk with metalcore; commonly including occasional grunts and screams in an effort to sound "alternative" or "brutal" or something.

If pop punk is watered-down punk, trendcore is watered-down POP PUNK; twice the pain. Often interchangeable with "emo", this brand of pop is just about the worst thing that's ever happened to music.

Notable bands include:

the Academy Is...
Comeback Kid
Fallout Boy
Panic! at the Disco
Rise Against
I'm sorry, but I HAVE TO turn off Conformo-alternative radio. They've been playing nothing but trendcore for the past three hours.
by Evil Ed 667 February 26, 2007
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