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A disease or pathology whose etiological factors range from general promiscuity, usually with individuals of questionable health themselves, particularly in large numbers, to poor hygiene; presentation symptomatically of itching, foul odor, histological inflammatory response, rapid deterioration from a fresh pink appearance to a blown o-ring or mudflap appearance of the vaginal labia and vulva proper. Other symptoms may include spontaneous production of dairy products and brewer's yeast. The condition moniker etymologically is derived from the similar condition that is a bane to soldiers in training known as trench foot.
That fucking two-bit slag of a bitch Judge gave me five years probation for jay walking. His trench cunt was obviously no longer in remission, perhaps he should change his tampon before getting septicemia on top of it all.
by Dr. Giggles, OB-GYN June 04, 2009
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