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Treknobabble is a word deriving from the word "Technobabble" Which refers to technical Jargon and Lingo not translated into Laymens terms. Treknobabble, on the other hand, refers to made up jargon and scientific expressions used in the Star Trek Universe. Some feel that too much Treknobabble can be used to take away from the quality of a book. IE: An other uses more Treknobabble so he/she doesn't have to write their way out of a plot hole.
The actor had trouble keeping up with the Treknobabble because it was too complicated.

An example of actual Treknobabble would be: "The Complex COM Systems operate on a pulsating network of energy beams. Therefore an interception of a communication from the species transmitting the message cannot be intercepted any interfering or opposing forces.

Translation, "We are sending a message that can't be heard by other aliens."
by Scott Walden June 12, 2008
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