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A lie or secret told by an inner-circle/close friend that is so fucking heinous and fazing, it affects you and your friends image.
In most cases a meeting must be held to determine wether or not the accountable party should be exiled from the inner circle.
Jerome: "So Ali fucked up and made us look bad? We've all done it. We can't just disown her. She fam."
LaTrelle: "Nah bro, that's a treasonable lie right there. Not only did she snitch, she made up shit that didn't even go down, made us look like a bunch of no-good dirty thieves. She's gots to go. We don't need that drama so close to home."
Jerome: "Good point. I'll call a meeting tonight with the posse. We'll take to a vote."
by buttboss May 25, 2016
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