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A person (usually a man) who is totally obsessed with everything to do with transformers - the movie, the action figures ect. - that they constantly blow off their friends for the sake of watching the movie for the 23rd time or playing the video game, maybe even just playing with their optimus prime action figure while trying to work out another excuse for not coming to the movies. These people have a disease called transformosis,of which the symtoms are pasty skin, no girlfriend and only having a shower once a week because there isnt enough time to be clean when you could be playing with transformers.
Ted: hey jake, have you seen joe around?
Jake: nope, he totally blew me off for transformers AGAIN!
Ted: wow, what a transformerphile.
Jake: yeah i think he has a serious case of transformosis, and he stinks!
by hmmmph charbar January 03, 2009
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