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it is amazingly difficult to transfer credits. Out of genuine concern when picking a school, go where your interests are, since "it's easier if you never have to 'return' credits than to fight with the receipt." info that truthfully support this claim includes:

1. If at your original school, you took ellective credits such as art, you are a bit screwed. "Art credits" --foo-foo! When you transfer, "Real" schools don't want them and you will probably stay in college longer.. costing more money.

2. When you are going to have to reveal that you're changing plans, colleges don't like students who don't know exactly what they want or students who have been stringing them along and they aren't stupid, they can see right through you.

3. If the school you transfer to is even a tad more expensive, (sometimes, there are transfer fees if not, what is said after this is still very applicable,) then even if the credits transfer, you could be paying thousands extra a semester for nothing.
I thought I was slick when I went to GENERIC Unniversity when I got instate for claiming I loved Sculpting.. I thought I could get my foundation credits and save money by transfering college credits. I was wrong and I know make sculptured center pieces for the Olive Garden.
by The College Dropout July 06, 2006
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