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This concept was imported to us from Holland and is used to define

1) A silver-fox age (usualy 45-60) male with RSCS on a train or bus who systematically and purposefully tries to sit in the vicinity of an often young (age somewhere between 18-25) woman and then to enter into a conversation with her

2) a silver fox age male pedophile who, instead of prowling the Internet, Facebook and other social networking sites to find his young female (often teenage) victims, he uses intercity trains and public city buses to do so.
Successful attempt by a trains-creep on the actual train

Trains-creep: Hey, how are you today?

Woman: I am grerat thanks, but I am now reading something interesting about Sigmund Freud. I do not want to sound rude, but sorry, I am busy.

Traincreep: Annoying all those train or bus delays, eh?

Woman: YES! And yesterday I was late for university.

Trains-creep: Wow, what are you studying?

Woman: I study psychology in Amsterdam!

Traincreep: That's funny, I am also studying in Amsterdam, but in art...

..conversation continues until the next train or bus stop...
by sexydimma February 28, 2012
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