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Vagabond travelers in their 20s who live a hobo life hopping trains cross country. They survive by begging.
I gave my change to the train kids playing guitar on the corner of Broad and Shafer Court.
by foam55 December 24, 2009
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The mid-20s wanderers in any downtown city usually in groups of 4 to 5 that have dreadlocks, a single starving canine, wear anything army green, drinking mouthwash because it's the cheapest alcohol, wearing Doc Martin's because they never tear up, smoking "shorts" (the end of other people's cigarettes), and usually screaming "Fuck corporate america! Can you go in McDonald's and get me a cheeseburger?".
Did you see the train kids in times square? I gave them some gum so they could chew and still be hungry.
by Khaavren April 20, 2017
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