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An untreatable disease that effects the age group 16-35 (primarily males), that causes them to uncontrollably spend mass amounts of money on 25+ year old, raisinbodied Toyota’s. Will sometimes make rash dictions to pay for their addictions : Ex. Not pay rent, steal home appliance to sell for money, sell there body on the corner).. In rare cases these people will be financially stable enough to spend their money on Toyota’s.. in these cases they are still looked down on by the general public as being childish. If you ever come into conversation with one you will know, as the only thing they know how to talk about is their most current Toyota build.
Marcy: hey Stephanie how’s your son doing?
Stephanie: he’s not doing well, he’s living on the streets and selling his body to pay for his Toyota. The doctors call him a toyotaholic

At a party

Tom: has anyone herd from brad why isn’t he here hanging out? It’s Bobbies 21st birthday???!
Toms friend: he’s a Toyotaholic, every day he works on his crap box Toyota.. he never comes out to hangout
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by Young toyotoholic June 01, 2019
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