pretty much one of the only legit MD letters to have on your badge that let's you both be a doctor and know pretty much how every class of everything works together.
example: patient- 'the problem is an upset stomach, and no doctor, i never smoke, never have.. but my roommate did just purchase a vaporizer'

Toxicology md -'ya bro that is mighty cool, unfortunately that fancy king vapor you bought for 39.99 was sent to you with plastic woven in the amazon jungle. you have got the typhoid fever, germs hidden in that plastic, this is the drug, schmided, 3 days. and by the way, smoking out of that glass is way better for you longterm, considering your lung can regrow 4 times the damage caused by your average bong hit it just under 26 hours.'

=groupi-- your like house!

republican- smoking is bad. you are a sinner

democrat- smoking is bad. you are breaking the law.

obama- smoking is bad

clinton- puff it to your country

"cool" md- 'oh bravo for you sir there is literally nothing i can think of that is directly bad from that, we'll figure out what's your stomach don't worry. for now, eat this head of romaine lettuce. all of it''

"good" md-'ok i'm sending your blood down to the labs to figure out what strain of bacteria you've got. and although there is nothing known about the true effects on health, i would never and will never advise it be used.'

dr dre- 'here son inhale this. now you got the munchies and your immune system is on, go eat some fiber'

dr dre's assistant: flava fav- '_ _ _ _ _!!!' (YA BOY)
by 2-ag May 20, 2010
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