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Derived from the word Tow, Town and Sin. Farmers would always try so hard to tow large objects through Town, Due to the thin alley ways, the Farmers would haev a bitch of a time towing these items (such as farm equiptment and cows) through town, that they would often swear and curse, thus sinning in town, while towing; thus they were commiting a town sin.

Because these items were so hard to tow, and often would never co-operate, and would cause these men to curse and swaer... this word gained a new meaning. and soon became a slang for the word stubborn, or dificult.
"hunny did you get a loan from your brother", "NO he's to fucking townsin to give me a fucking dime!!"

"this question is so Townsin"

"That girl is so Townsin, she even argues with herself"
by Jeremy March 29, 2005
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