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A form of insomnia that results from watching too much of Le Tour de France - specifically for those viewers in timezones far enough east & west of France for it to be televised through the night or early hours.

Similar side effects to regular insomnia, except that the sufferrer may have Phil Ligget's dulcet tones on their mind as they drift off to sleep, or perhaps dream of invading French castles in the war due to the mandatory historical brief given for every castle that is ridden past.
Joe: "So the wife and I are travelling through France next year"

Bob: "Nice"

Paul (practically asleep): "Be sure to check out the medieval castle from Stage 7 in Andelot-Morval, built in 1206 by Humbert III of Coligny ... (yawns) ... Well preserved and characteristic of the Middle Ages military architecture, which were .... zzzzzzzzzzz"

Joe: "WTF?"

Bob: "Toursomnia dude"


Andy, sitting in traffic, sees a car indicate and pull into the faster lane. In his best Phil Ligget accent:
"Oh he's making a break! We were waiting for this! Now how is the peleton going to react?"

Wife, sitting next to him: "....... OK, no more Tour de France for you until you've had some sleep. You've got bad toursomnia babe. Now get out and let me drive."
by TMA-1 July 14, 2010
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