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Amalgamation of "tourist" and "terrorist," a tourerist is a person or group of persons who exhibit reprehensible behavior while visiting a foreign country.
a) I watched in horror as a fat, unwashed American wearing a confederate-flag t-shirt shouted, "Look honey, it's the moaner-lisa!" and shoved past thirty people to gaze upon the famous painting. I thought, 'what a tourerist.'

b) Bob's cousin Heinrich was visiting from Germany, and could talk about nothing but how America is repressed, and greedy, and fat, and lazy. I told Bob his cousin was a damn tourerist.

c) When you're a guest in a foreign country or culture, you should learn the customs and some of the language, just as the locals should gently correct the guests if they commit any faux pas. If the locals do not do this, the they're letting the tourerists win.
by President Warren G. Harding April 19, 2009
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