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Originated on Taste of Chaos 2007 in tour catering, it has since spread to Warped Tour and Family Values; it's also been popularized among high school students in Shanghai, China by an American grad student teaching English/History classes there.

Initially used to describe life on the road (hard work, constant annoyances, temperature extremes), it also checkmates complainers by referencing the universal toughness of life (and says, "I don't care".)

Can also be said to oneself after failing / not getting what you want / getting in trouble.
"So this stagehand came back to the kitchen and said he didn't get enough to eat"
"What'd you do?"
"I said, LOOK BUD, it's tough all over"

(whiner droning on about work nonsense during cartoon time on the bus):
"such a bad day, im so pissed off at this guy cause..."
"yeah it's tough all over, shut the fuck up...Aqua Teen"

"did you hear what happened to Fleetwood?"
"what happened to Fleetwood?"
"he got pulled over and the cops found 30 ecstasy tabs"
"Fuckin' ouch! Tough all over bud!"
"Fuckin' tough all around"
by Rumbleminz September 28, 2007
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