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When you wake up in the morning with a hard on and you need to urinate and you need to apply a great amount of torque to aim into the bowl. The alternatives are to 1) do a hand stand so that it is properly aimed (usualy too drunk to perform this manuever). 2) Stand about 8-10 feet away from the bowl (many tries usually in public bathrooms are necessary to perfect this manuver) and as the arcing stream becomes less and less to walk toward the bowl. 3) Pee in the shower (old standby but one must be awake enough to make sure and not piss in ones own face). 4) Masturbate so that the erection is used up (this is a gamble as sometimes the erection will not go down manually and will cause complications in the workings of the torque piss.
Man, I had such a boner this morning that I had to put one leg up on the sink behind me and torque piss before I could shower.
by rplusplus November 29, 2006
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