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1. A crazed fan that devotes their life to musician Tori Amos, and follows her everywhere not at all in a stalker-like fashion when she tours... most know her, her bodyguards, her chef, her assistants, her husband, ex-boyfriend/s, affairs, daughter, and more. All know every bit of history behind every single song, 'common' or 'rare'. Most specimens have a personal database of everything Tori-related that they can pull out at any given moment, and discuss wholeheartedly with anyone silly enough to ask.

2. Same as 1, but the new fans who have only been on tour for a year or so, that just think it's cool to say Toriphile, because that's what The Dent or Here In My Head calls the community's folk.
The toriphiles all hung out for 29 hours before the St.Louis meet and greet in -18degreeF weather. Out of the 68 toriphiles there, only 5 got to speak with her, and those were the cool or pushy ones in the front. Afterwards, some walked away to grab a bite to eat before the show, unscathed.. some went to the hospital with frost bite, and missed the show because of amputation-oriented surgery... and most had to sit down and cry for a while either because they didn't see her, or were overwhelmed by a glimpse of her tangled red hair from 8 people back.
by sweetsangria October 31, 2003
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