"Torilla tavataan" means "let's meet at the Market Square". The square is the location of big celebratory events, such as ice hockey world championship victories, and whenever Finland is mentioned outside its borders in any form, people use "torilla tavataan" sarcastically to make fun of the fact that the Finns are obsessed by international recognition and attention and "what do they think about us". It's commonly used with a word about or from Finland.
Suomi mainittu, torilla tavataan. Kuka tuo saunan? "Finland mentioned, let's meet at the market square. Who will bring the sauna?"
by JupeFin November 29, 2015
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Also "Torille!"
is a finnish phrase used whenever Finland is mentioned outside its borders in any form. The sentence is translated as "Let's meet at the Market Square" which is a place in Helsinki (Finland's capital city) where Finns celebrate any sport related success of their naitional team, pretty much only of the ice hockey one.

Amongst Finns the phrase is usually used in sarcastic way, as Finland apparently craves for international recognition and attention.
(in finnish)
- "Hey, there is an article about finnish baseball in Washington Post!"
- "Haha torilla tavataan!"
by InfernoCanto June 23, 2016
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Finns' uses "torilla tavataan" when someone mentions finland/some finnish person/people. Finns' also uses this sentense when finland wons the hockey world championship, or anything else important event to finns/finland
Omg finland won the hockey World championship
Finns: torilla tavataa

Finland got to the European Football Championship

Finns: torilla tavataan
by Ponskukka November 6, 2020
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