Bringing A girl home and having both you and your flatmate have a go. There are further requirements to be classed topdeck;

1.1-Both resedents must be on the top story
1.2-Residents are classfied as a top deck crew (one white one brown)
1.3-The deed must be shared roughly at a 50 50 ratio (performance dependant)

If all these criteria are met you have sucessfully top decked someone. ANd if you were on the other end of the stick(s) you have been top decked.

*Top deck came from cadbury chocolate, half milk half white.
Me and clements just top decked this chick in the weekend, what did you do?
by MrRhodes August 15, 2011
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Widely used slang that cropped up recently in Australia
1. Something that is topnotch, excellent or above average.
2. Affirmative.
Marcus: "Bro that transmog set is sick"
Harry: "Yeah topdeck"

"Topdeck used to smash me mum"
-Trent from punchy
by Topdectoboss September 02, 2013
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To have a wank while taking a crap. Originates from the Cadbury chocolate bar of the same name which is half white choc and half brown.
"I'll be out in a minute, I'm just having a quick top deck!"
by willyjoejack October 16, 2006
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When those bloody Dunedin kids piss in the tank of the toilet.
The bloody Duners kids have done a top deck.
by kridjiti March 14, 2017
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Another term for a person who's race is a mix of white and black; 1 parent is white, 1 parent is black. this word was founded after the chocolate top deck; white and black.
Ben is a top deck, he'll steal a car but then he'll return it.
by mc mickey November 11, 2005
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When a man and women of different colours have sex
You sir, are a topdeck!
by LaRgO April 25, 2005
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When a woman puts on a lighter colour makeup on her face compared to her tanned (usually fake) skin.
Most females will usually topdeck some stage in their life, the douches are the ones that continue to do it.
by Anti-TopDeck May 04, 2012
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