A phrase used by a simple-minded person to demean the creativity, efforts, interests and achievements of another because they do not specifically relate to said simple-minded person's interests. While it is sometimes used when refering to a genuine waste of time, generally its usage pertains to interests that are very much a legitimate way to spend time. There is nothing wrong with having hobbies, even if they aren't mainstream.

Note that this definition is not in reference or response to the previous definition.
Person1: Hey, can you read my short story and tell me what you think of it?

Person2: You spend hours doing something you enjoy doing that requires talent and creativity for the purpose of entertaining yourself and others as well as developing skills that could prove useful outside of said activity? You have too much free time on your hands! I'm gonna go smoke some weed and watch TV.

The reason for all art and culture's existence is humanity having too much free time on its hands.
by Chintz October 29, 2004
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something most people who define words here have
youve all got too much free time
by oracle March 13, 2004
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Used to describe people who waste most of their lives on the internet because they can't be bothered to read a book, go outside or find a friend. Instead, they torture all the rest of us with incomprehensible cryptic words, grammar and emoji because they are too lazy to learn how to write. Ironically they believe they are the smartest person in the room. The real "professionals" typically have some kind of social justice warrior cause that is not only factually incorrect, but is actually the paradox of what is true. Yet their mindlessness does not allow them to understand and admit it to themselves.
I am not sure what scares me more: That you said that or that you believe it. Clearly you have too much free time and you don't use it very well.
by Ima Professor September 26, 2020
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