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A retarded pop rapper in the G-Unit rapper group with the single "So Seductive" which was put out right after he got out of jail...makes you wonder what he was doing in there. His debut flopped and was named one of the worst CDs of 2005. Also thinks screaming words counts as rapping. Weak flow, incredibly stupid lyrics, and old age are attributes of this rapper. Also nicknamed Tsunami "Talk of New York", but his real name is Marvin Bernard.
Tony Yayo - "HERE WE GO NOW!!!!!!!!!"
Kid - "Agh!!! My ears are bleeding!!"
by lawlowbitches January 21, 2006
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Tony Yayo is a rapper for G-unit that fucking sucks.
tony yayo, the rapper is fucking horrible

my little sister thinks tony yayo is good, but he actually really sucks
by Studley April 18, 2006
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fake ass rapper also known as TONY GAYO member of g-unit, got in jail for gun charges nd 1st thing he does wen he comes out of jail is make a song called so seductive!! wat da fuck has he been doin in da pen 2 make a song like dat, GGGGGGGGGG-UNOT
tony yayo is also tony gayo a fuckin faggot ass fake ass rapper
by kingof dade 23 July 15, 2006
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Member of G-Unit. Incarcerated once for illegal gun charges, then again for skipping out on parole. Has been with G-Unit since the start and went on tour with them in Jamaica when there was a warrant out for his arrest. One of the tightest rappers out there, with his new CD "Thoughts Of A Predicate Felon" dropping August 30th.
Aw nigga, do you, know what dis is? One shot one kill, what's da deal? G-UNIT!! HERE WE GO NOW!
by YayoBanksBuckFifty August 07, 2005
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based on the rapper tony yayo's verse from the g-unit mixtape song 'fat bitch'.

a man who is open to sexual activities with any female regardless of her physical appearance.

a nasty freak.
i ain't no trick. i ain't have to borrow with my wallet.
freakin off in your car, on your closet.
it ain't nothing wrong wit a big, strong girl.
if you can cook your ass off, i'll give you the world.
you can be skinny or fat, white or black.
nigga pussy is pussy, so yeah i'll hit that.
i'm a freak, sure i love menage a trois.
and i really care less if you twice my size.
*tony yayo (fat bitch, verse 3)

A: i heard you tossed sheqwanduh's salad. aint she like 300 lbs?
B: yea. and?
A: maaan, you nasty. you a TONY YAYO.
by R. Neeto May 13, 2006
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