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A violent form of the French Kiss in which one or both of the participants proceed to shove the tongue as far as possible into the other jouster's mouth. Tongue jousting is a dangerous activity that has been known to cause serious injury and even death.

Note: Tongue jousting is not always mutual.
Girl 1: So, how was Bruce? I hear he's a really good kisser!
Girl 2: Ugh...not even! He's a fucking tongue jouster! I couldn't even breathe!
Girl 1: Ew...well at least he's got a big dick, amirite?

Boy: I do say, today is a fine day for a bout of tongue jousting!
Girl: I will have you know that I was the Regional Tongue Joust champion for 5 consecutive years.
Boy: about we just fuck, instead?
by El Duderowski June 16, 2011
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