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A scumbag with no equal. The kind of tough ass, New York/New Jersey/Philadelphia guido you find trolling mainstream clubs in the tri-state area. Usually a high school graduate or GED certified, a Tommy-bag is an aggressive sociopath that should be avoided at all cost.
A tommy-bag finds it difficult to interact socially with the world around him. He interprets every sensory perception as a threat to his masculinity, and therefore has a hard time leaving somewhere without first being thrown out.
You can recognize a tommy-bag by his orange skin, gold chain,kangol hat, stifling amounts of cheap cologne, and a hostile, negative attitude toward everything in general.
The tommy-bag spends his days filling the minds of others with his ignorant opinions on sports, municipal politics, and women, usually in a local tavern or bar or even more likely, sports talk radio.
Phil's getting thrown out of the pizza shop again. What a tommy-bag

I cant believe that big fucking tommy-bag wanted to fight that waitress.
by john duffy October 16, 2005
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