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Best author ever, without exception. Met mild fame when his second book "Even Cowgirls Get The Blues" was made into a movie, but really didn't care. His books are seen as more a form of poetry than fiction by some, and not dependant on his twisted but brilliant plots. His writing style is simultaneously intellectual and immature, high-brow and low-brow, snobby and perfectly willing to dabble in all our human flaws.
Tom Robbins is depressing to read, because I'll never be able to write like that.
by jammoe October 10, 2005
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A breath of fresh air after putting his book down. A very spiritual and intellectual American author. Writes engaging and magical stories centered around spirituality, individuality, politics, sex, drugs, art, etc. An outspoken individual in the sense of getting his point across through his unique metaphorical writing prose.
Tom Robbins studied eastern philosophy in college.
Tom Robbins currently resides in Seattle, WA.
Tom Robbins is a very knowledgable being on the topic of life and death.
by Jeremy Prizzy June 15, 2007
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hippy author of the seventies and eighties known for extremely gratuitously blasphemous books that are completely out of touch with reality (i.e. every girl in the world is a horny lesbian slash bisexual)-which isn't necessarily a bad thing
Tom Robbins wrote Another Roadside Attraction (I highly recommend it)
by Hughbert Gerald Rection March 15, 2005
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