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Drive up to a toll booth, look the attendant in the eye, reach out your twenty dollar bill and don't let go. Begin counting to yourself "one one thousand.. two one thousand.." If the attendant breaks the chain first, take your time and double it (ie 30sec x 2 = 60 points). If you break first, then there's no multiplier (30sec = 30 pts).

If the attendant cracks a smile at any point, immediately let go, smile and say "who loves ya?". The multiplier for a smiling attendant is x5 (ie 30sec x 5 = 150). Operation tool booth chicken is not about agitating tool booth attendants, but about prying open the lid of their cold toll booth coma and pouring some sunshine in.

The next day is round 2. If it's the same attendant, multiply total score by an additional multiplier x2 (ie 30sec x 2 x 2 = 120). Third day, if same attendant, multiplier is x3, etc. as difficulty escalates.

NOTE: If the police show up, you're advised NOT to play driver's license chicken for obvious reasons, but if you must, the danger multiplier is x10. And I salute you.

Extra credit: Have your passenger record video for posterity. Add 100 points to total your score.

See also: driver's license chicken, drive-thru chicken
"Hey Eddie, I'm bored let's go play some toll booth chicken! A six pack says you'll never defeat my 172!"
by Mark_J January 17, 2009
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