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The strange, sometimes bizarre pollution that is commonly found in the toilet and/or on the seat of public bathrooms, or even one's own. These pollutants can be; but not limited to: toilet paper - used or unused, feces and/or urine, and other various foreign substances. The source of toillution is almost always unknown.

Toillution oftentimes produces a feeling of dismay or frustration upon the person who has to use the toilet to expel feces. One method of dealing with this problem other than flushing is to create a landing strip with a piece of toilet paper. This should cushion the impact of the feces and prevent any unwanted substance from splashing onto the buttocks.
Ugh, this toilet is contaminated with toillution!

Angry person: Urghhh! Everytime I have to use the bathroom there is toillution! Where does it all come from!?
by d-wat May 19, 2008
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