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when 2 people coming out of relationships befriend eachother and find common ground when it comes to how they need to move on then 1 fine day when 1 of them is in an island off the coast of the mainland they stay up all night talking through and agree to be fwb and after that they go on a trip and things escalate and there is a lot of intimacy, they fall asleep together which is the first time for both of them and it was one of the best nights. after getting back they continue the fwb relationship until 1 of them says they love the other person on a staircase and the other person becomes excited but does not panic and welcomes it, after some time the other person confesses to loving the first person as well and things escalate rapidly, they have some sad moments but they pull through theyre always there for each other and they love eachother very much until one of them finally falls in love while the other is not sure, however things run smoothly and they feel comfortable around each

other like they know each other for ever and neither of them knows what happens in the future but for now they love each other very much and are extremely cheesy but neither of them mind some say theyre meant for each other maybe they are but no one knows what will happen they share many moments like sharing candy and icecream and other drinks, they eat like pigs and love pizza theyre just very in sync and the world is a beautiful place when one is in the presence of the other
Pumpkin/potato and Little Fishy are in a tniz relationship

Pumpkin/potato and Little Fishy are victims of tnizv
by tniz June 02, 2014
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