Traxxas is a company based in the USA that produces ready-to-run (RTR), remote control (RC) vehicles that claims to be "The Fastest Name in Radio Control". Nothing could be further from the truth because a Traxxas vehicle has never won a single world, european, national or any other championship for that matter, organized by world known federations such as the EFRA, ROAR and IFMAR, between the years 2000-2017. Furthermore, Traxxas has no RC land speed record. The company sells quite expensive, plastic products made in China that often break because they are poorly designed. They are designed poorly a reason. Breaking parts is a normal part in the RC hobby. However Traxxas seems to confuse breaking a part during racing conditions with breaking a part in normal, zero strain, straight out of the box conditions. Despite this confusion, Traxxas has a decent customer service that is eager to replace your electronics or other hardware … for a price.
-Yo, dude why is your electric car so much faster than my Traxxas 4-tec 2.0?
-Idk dude, I am not a noob in RC and I know what I am doing with my Xray T2.
-Xray? You broke your leg dude?
-I was talking about the company...

-Ooops, I stripped the gear on my Xmaxx ... for the third time in 1 day!

-My Traxxas Velineon VXL bursted into flames after 5 minutes of runtime!

-Why does my 800+ XO-1 goes barely 50mph unstead of 100mph???
-You gotta unlock the 100mph mode by using an iPhone, dude.

-Will a regular Android phone work?
-Hell no!
by HoneHonestGuy July 24, 2017
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Most awesome badass RC company ever made In the USA. Famous for "affordable" rc trucks and cars.
Let's go take the traxxas to the old quarry and jump it off some cliffs.
by Awesome Person21 March 29, 2017
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