Tk-421 is a storm trooper from George Lucas's Star Wars: Episode IV, A New Hope (the movie)Tk-421 (aka THX1138 from the books)is the only storm trooper to be called by name, and is featured for at most 30 seconds. He is called on to the Millenium Falcon by Han Solo (when it is captured by the Death Star)and soon after shot. Although his part is minimal, he continues to yield an enourmous impact on the Star Wars galaxy and its many fans.
"Tk-421, why aren't you at your post!?"
by Kor Platypus November 21, 2004
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Fictional stereo equipment from Boogie Nights. Clearly a head nod to Star Wars.
You'd have better sounding bass from your 8-track if you buy this TK-421.
by GTGkjjuhg August 9, 2021
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