The ultimate res runner. His motto is the blacker and thicker the better. He will clear any bowl at any time. You will know he’s around just from smelling him. The aroma is one of a kind that you can never find anywhere else. People laugh at his jokes for years because he’s a comedian. Tjaden is the butteriness grease ball and will always slip his slimy fingers into sweaty pune tang. Tjaden is a great guy with even greater Mary Jane rolling abilities. He can get people high just by looking at them. But the best part about Tjaden, is that he looks like a chink, but isn’t a chink! He is full blown American and has no swamp rat in him!
Zoey glimm: where is Tjaden!?

Ozzy: I smell him burning grass behind the house! I might go join him!

Dylan: Ozzy come back here before you cheech all the danks!

Tjaden: I got a huge resin ball from resing out every piece of glass I can get my stinky ball sweat hands on. Maybe later I will go to KFC and get their famous bowl after I smoke one. Kassidy Lee always❤️

Brad: why you guys laughing so hard?

Everybody on earth: something Tjaden said 3 weeks ago!
by HDlund January 13, 2018
A bitch, slut, and any other things. They are not that dependable, but is they are that is very surprising. Watch your back id you're friends with one cuz they can easily back stab you
by Something1481@ November 7, 2019
An amazing friend. A tJaden will always have your back. They are the best friend someone can have. They will love you forever if you give them the right attention
Did you see how nice tJaden is
by Ariesattack June 16, 2019