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The first spring day, in which girls first and finally show off some cleavage after a long winter. Men think of this day as something like, or better than, Christmas.
Did you see that girl? She's totally celebrating Titsmas today.

Dude, Titsmas is my favorite holiday ever.

Diana, thank you for celebrating Titsmas
by alexander huntering March 21, 2010
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The celebratory act of going to strip club with your buddies on Christmas eve. This is a great way to unwind from the stress filled days of the season and get away from obnoxious family members. Everyone knows that Christmas morning is best when hungover and covered in stripper glitter, just like Santa Clause intended.
Will: When you getting in town bro?
Evan: 24th, natch
Will: Then it's on, Titsmas at the Jaguar this year?
Evan: I already got the check from grandma cashed into ones>:)
by tokyotapes December 22, 2009
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