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Titlove can mean several different things. It can be used to plead for affection, it can be used as a term of endearment among friends (often followed by no homo), and it can be used to indicate amazing breasteses. Of course, it can also refer to a classic tittyfuck.
Asking for affection: "I got cunnalangled so hard last night; gimme some damn titlove."

Term of endearment: "What's up, titlove? Lemme suck your dick. No homo."

Compliment of breasteses: "Shit! Major titlove at 2 o'clock. Check that shit! That's gotta be an eleven on the titlove meter."

Tittyfuck: "My girlfriend gave me some major titlove last night. Then she analangled me. Fuck yea."
by GottaLoveThemTaTas November 24, 2009
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