A person who scabs food off others. Likes to snack on the crumbs of other peoples food. In AFL terms does not handpass and crumbs goals. It is also used as a insult to people that look like rats
Joe: Did you watch the game last night ?

Mason: Yer bloody tip rat :@
by big_joe6 November 22, 2011
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A kid that no one likes, lowest of the low. Dirty. A little smartass annoying brat that you just want to king hit. Usually a gamer, an Xbox faggot that talks shit over the mic, has a lisp and swears so much the sentence doesn’t even make sense.
“Kyle said he’s jumping online soon”

“Tell that tiprat to get fucked, no one wants him here”
by Big Nate the Great October 14, 2018
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A person who lives like a rat, dirty, skavanges for food and drinks, gets wasted a lot.
That Sarah, she's a farking tip rat!

What a tip rat!
by Roger August 23, 2007
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Someone who lives in Dunmore.
Someone who lives near a tip/dump.
by Zero July 24, 2003
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An endangered wild animal known to inhabit the pockets of south oval. This species, whilst not particularly agile or fast, uses its ability to menace to find scraps and consume as many crumbs as possible. The 'Tip Rat' is also known to engage in sexual activities with underage intoxicated humans. Furthermore, the 'tip rat' is a feral, wild creature which should be approached with caution at all times. Hailing from old southern money in Brighton, the tip rat is known to justify its existence with a "mandate from the people" - little does it realise that it is indeed the bottom feeder of any ecosystem.
"Don't be such a tip rat"
"There are some disgusting creatures out there, but none are worse than the tip rat"
by big king kong boss dog October 29, 2013
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A person who has combined their personality to include; bogan, trailer trash, white trash, westie, princess, idiot anybody from MelbourneAustralia
A person who has a chip on their shoulder.

Boss: Can you do your job.
Tiprat: No, coz I reckon I could do it better and you earn more than me how is that right.
by Rat Boy Berwick December 14, 2008
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disgusting creature that is easy and will do anything or anyone.most commonly found at junk shops or calling someone elses partner at 3 in the morning.old and looks like a man.
p1:did you see tiprat...now shes's fucking that gross lesbian.thought she liked other peoples men?
p2:yeah i seen it on her facebook.her interests is "whatever i can get".tiprat.
by slutkicker June 19, 2010
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