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Timmah (Pronounced, TIM-AY!) Apprently the word the timmy character in South Park likes to shout OFTEN! Often confused with "timmy" which is less dramatic and only stupid people who do not know how to pronouce timmah use. Used either as a sign of excitement, or if some1 asks you a question and u don't feel like answering and wanna make the asker crack up at you.
Friend: Navy killed Colorado State!!


Friend: What the hell are you doing?
by -TyLeR- December 23, 2005
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pronounced "Tim-May". is a word used by the handicapped kid "Timmy" form south park. The word is merely his name but shouted loudly. it can be and is often followed by the phrase "livin' a lie" pronounced "reh-lah-blah"

In britian, and possibly other countries, Timmah is used to describe handicapped people or one's stupidity after doing or saying something stupid.
Example one:
John: Look at those retards in wheelchairs
Jed: What a bunch of timmahs... Timmah!!!!
Tard: Timmah!!!

Example two:
James: Bums! I just dropped my tea.
Jack: You Timmah!
by no more g May 03, 2008
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some guy that is totally awesome and has an accent. also has a brother named bob. (timothy and robert)

"oh my goodness! that guy sounds just like a timmah !"
by hi dood January 08, 2008
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