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Timily is a beautiful loveable person. She is quite at first. But once u get to know her she never shuts up. She is an amazing best friend. She is funny. She try's to follow her dreams. She does what's right in relationships. She is honest. She is skinny, funny. A Timily has brown hair, skinny, tall. She gets people to fall in love with her in one look. Once u get to live a Timily u never wanna lose her. A Timily will always make her way into ur heart. U wanna be in a Timily's life even if u don't know her. She is special in so many ways. She will be ur bestie. She will be ur lover. U will never be able to let her go. So don't let her go she's rare.
Guy 1:I'm in love with her.
Guy 2: Timily is so special.
by Hank john October 30, 2017
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