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"Social multitasking" --- spending "quality time" with two or more "close friends" (i.e., pals whom you are so comfy with that you don't mind being "up close and personal" with them.
Time-sharing can be lots of fun and wonderfully soul-soothing emotional support for everyone involved... for example, a big flexible-limbed dude can either take a relaxing country-lane stroll hand-in-hand with his two favorite chicks ambling placidly along on either side, or he can sit on a park-bench between his two blinky-eyed admirers and cradle one of the nice girls in each arm. Or a warm-hearted cutie can lift up her t-shirt and "suckle" two "milk-thirsty" guys at once, or she can lounge back into one guy's arms while casually draping her legs over into another mushy-hearted male admirer's lap so that he can massage her feet and knead her calves.
by QuacksO March 28, 2017
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