When someone on the internet spews out something that is totally batshit crazy, that spew is (a) time cube. For the full effect, the spew should involve esoteric calculations, run-on sentences with copious punctuation problems, ALL CAPS sections, and major category errors.

For the original referent, see www.timecube.com
awsmboi2323 got banned from posting because he kept spamming the threads with time cube.
by emote_control July 10, 2009
nutso website timecube.com
very amusing....
a dumb downed version of the theory of cube-jazz
Creation of 4 simultaneous
24 hour days, within a single rotation of Earth, empowers
me above all 1-day gods and
educated stupid scientists. I
will wager $10,000.00 on it.
by gotcha sucka November 23, 2003
Time cube is an idea that is if the earth stood still, north,south, east and west would be sun up, sun down, midnight and midday. It goes on talking about how this equals 96 hours and goes on to oppisites about genders and simple math.
I am one of the few people who understands some of the time cube.
by happyatcommonsense February 5, 2015